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DIVE WITHIN is here! I'm so excited to share this with you.


DIVE WITHIN is now available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook, paperback, and hardcover. You can officially get yourself a copy today.

I can see my ebook as I type right now. I can't wait to get the physical copies soon in the mail. I will share those with you soon. I'm thankful for this release in so many ways.

You can celebrate my book release today in several ways. Join me on Instagram at 1 pm central to my livestream to discuss my book.

There's one more thing... Order an ebook and/or a physical book today here through Amazon. Find more about my books here.

This book truly made me heal and I continue to do so. I hope you find this book impactful too.

I appreciate your support, always,

Christina Vourcos

P.S. Did you see the news?! DIVE WITHIN is officially out today and I am so excited about it! If you have any questions, just hit reply. I’d love to hear from you!

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Christina Vourcos


Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


Discover hope and what matters with my books and Kindle Vella serials

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