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As a Greek Latina, Christina Vourcos is inspired by both her cultures and aims to represent her Latinx heritage, which isn't focused on in many mediums. This is one of the reasons she was inspired to publish as an indie author. Along with her part-time job in Education and volunteer job as website content manager for Jeremy Jordan’s website.

Growing up in Texas, especially South Texas, being bilingual in Spanish since childhood has been a superpower, and wants to be trilingual in Greek. She enjoys making nerd references in her writing. From fiction to non-fiction, books, serials, short stories, and poetry, she can do it all. Christina is currently working on her second poetry book which will be released in 2024. You can find more through her social media.

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Interesting Facts About Me

  • I officially started my indie author career in 2021 through Amazon's Kindle Vella reading platform. After that, I've published through standard formats (Kindle ebook, paperback, and hardcover). I've been a writer almost all my life. 

  • I fought lymphoma in 2022 through early 2023; now I am in recovery (it's a long process)

  • I wish I could write full-time, but I can't afford to. I'm thankful to have time to focus on my indie career.

  • I can self-publish as an indie author, thanks to my degrees in Literature, including a Masters, and my Journalism background, but I continue to find ways to learn which I love.  

  • Favorite genres to read: Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery, Writing Craft, and Poetry

  • Favorite Writing Snacks: Lots of tea and smoothies, my bottle of water, selection of nuts for energy (like pecans)

  • Where I find inspiration: The Arts (in all kinds of mediums from books, TV, movies, theatre, music, and art)

  • My favorite authors: Lots of favorites (including Christina Farley, Paula Yoo, Angelina M. Lopez, Priscilla Oliveras, Beth Revis, Shelby Leigh, M.J. Golias, Dr. Mariel Buque, Save The Cat writing craft writers, and many more) 


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