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Amazon's Kindle Vella

Amazon's latest reading platform has allowed Christina Vourcos to begin her indie author career. By providing an opportunity to self-publish short "episodes" at a time with serial fiction and nonfiction, she can tap into the current reading of the busy reader. You can pick up as you go or binge-read the entire story once the serial is complete. Reader interactions allow Christina to improve her writing, especially for standard formatting. You get early access to her writing as she develops her craft. The first three episodes are free by logging into your Amazon account.


Afterward, 200 tokens cost $1.99 to keep reading. These tokens help you unlock episodes as you read. In addition to unlocking episodes' royalties, Christina can receive monthly bonuses from Amazon when you interact with each serial. These interactions can be tapping the "thumb up" button at the end of each episode, "fave" a serial per week when you unlock an episode, answering poll questions, commenting at the end of episodes, and leaving a review and/or star rating. Your support truly matters, especially as she continues to grow her indie career. 

Start reading for FREE on Kindle Vella (US only)

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