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30 Poems In 30 Days: Why I’m Not A Songwriter (Day 22)

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Why I’m Not A Songwriter by Christy V.

I am not a songwriter, I am a poet.

Why? You would think I would be.

How far is poet from songwriter?

You can be both, but I am not.

Both can write lyric poetry.

There’s more to writing songs

Than putting words on the page.

There are many songwriters

And one I wish could teach me.

Maybe someday I could be.

Nobody really showed me.

I was taught poetry,

I was taught how to sing,

I was taught how to sight-read.

Even to play piano and guitar,

Though I’m not good enough,

Maybe it’s because I need to work

On them with more determination.

Have you tried to write songs?

Yes, I have. In poetry class.

With a song writing book.

Nothing seems to work.

At least I can write everything else,

Except script writing,

Maybe someday.

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