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30 Poems In 30 Days: I’m From Who I Used To Be (Day 5)

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I’m From Who I Used To Be by Christy V.

I’m from the early fireworks

In the star filled summer night sky

I’m from the bluebonnets

Blooming in the southern spring

I’m from the historic city

I’m from the coastal town

I’m not anything I used to be

She was the girl that followed a boy

She checked out often a stack of books

Did dance lessons, theater, guitar, piano

Wrote articles once a month, once a week

She fell for boys who never saw her

I still remember that girl

She had a list of best friends

Narrowed down as years went by

She began to guard herself

No one knew why

Every step led her to

Push away her fears and tears

To the path of who she wanted to be

Her voice to sing, write, and inspire

Hold the key to all her responsibilities

Shows her who she could be

I’m from where dreams grow

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