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30 Poems In 30 Days: For Grandpa (Day 18)

Photo by Christy V.

For Grandpa (Elegy) by Christy V.

The love I meant to say

I lost you before you passed

For years, you weren’t who

I remembered, distant memory

There were things that stayed

The way you loved food

Especially raw oysters

The way you loved Grandma

Always tried to be by her side

The way you enjoyed

Listening to country music

I missed your strong faith

I missed how you read

So many different books

I missed how you kept up

With the Dallas Cowboys

I missed the way you took photos

You knew the exact moment

I missed the way you talked

You always were interested

In everything about me

You were happy when I asked

About our Greek roots

It’s been a year since an

American flag covered you

I know I’ll see you again

Someday far in the future

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