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Writing Community, You Need To Check This Nonfiction Kindle Vella serial!

Writing community, we need to focus on mental health. Every writing book focuses on the process of crafting the story but it usually doesn’t factor in our own struggles as authors. If we care for ourselves, we will be able to produce better writing. Especially when we’re constantly told that we have to produce to be successful. If we run like we’re running out of time, we will burnout. If we want to keep going, we have to pace ourselves and look at the long game. We make the dream work.

My serial will have three free episodes and 20 total episodes unless inspiration strikes. This is something I’ve been passionate about. I look forward to any feedback you all provide.

Unlock episodes by buying tokens on Amazon, 200 tokens cost $1.99. You can read on Amazon and the Kindle app. Make sure you answer the polls on the bottom of each episode and tap the “thumb up” button.

Follow on Kindle Vella to stay updated on the Kindle app. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on all my publications. Find this serial, my newsletter, and more here:

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