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The Value of Taking Risks

My journal open and ready for writing. – Photo by Christy

Jeremy Jordan once said, “A risk isn’t a tiny step, it’s a leap. A leap blindfolded while having a parachute ready to go if need be.” He continued by talking about how reaching a bit outside our comfort zone every day will help us grow and change us. I’ve taken leaps in different ways in my life, but thankfully they have lead me to grow. When things weren’t working out in my life, I made changes. When I realized what I needed to do to reach my dreams, I took chances and made them come true. Taking risks isn’t easy. We don’t know what will happen when we take that leap. It’s like when Jeremy has talked about with auditions. He doesn’t play it safe. He brings all that he’s got, and hopes for the best. It’s something that can be applied to with life, but also with writing. You can’t hold yourself back from letting your writing reach it’s full potential. Sometimes holding back can be the negative tapes that you’ve allowed to run through your mind, and other times it’s not making the steps towards submitting your work.

It can be scary. Not as much as being fearful of physical dangers. That fear or doubt can stop you from being the best version you can be, and especially the best writer you could be. You have to stop comparing your work to others, and reminding yourself that you’re unique and have the power to improve. You can’t let the thoughts that others might think that you’re impatient and quick to submit your work. There is no rule that applies to everyone with writing. No matter what anyone says. If you’re ready, you need to take that risk, even if it means that you learn that you needed more time. Most of all remember, the best writers have already had years ahead of you and teams to work with. Even their work that they submit isn’t perfect, it’s the best that they can do and they are willing to work with others to improve it. So what do you do? Some cases it’s taking an effort each day to meditate and journal out your thoughts before getting started. In other ways, it is accepting you’ve done the best that you can do, and taking that chance because you never know what will happen.

I’ve submitted something recently that I’ve been working on for awhile, but recently put in a lot of effort to revise and edit to make it ready to submit. I’ve grown to enjoy not only the process of writing, but also refining my work. Especially more so when I create a deadline for myself. It pushes me to get more done and take chances. When I submitted, I felt it was the best that I could do on my own (with a bit of feedback). I still feel that way. I’ve realized that every time I’ve submitted something, I’m proud of what I’ve written, but I know with more help, I can make it even better. The act of submitting my work will provide me more feedback, but most of all, I hope to receive more help towards accomplishing my dreams. We need to be open to feedback and assistance because eventually even writers need a team, filled with supporters and people wiling to put in the effort.

I’m thankful for the team that I have so far, but I know needs to expand. I hope others will be willing to take the risk to help me become the best writer I can be. If you know me, you know I love this quote, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” The best team is always there to support you and work with you to make incredible things happen. Stay tuned. I hope to share good news soon. In the meantime, I plan to create more blog posts. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far in my writer’s journey.

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