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Letting Go Is More Than SciFi


AN: This post is different from the other things I post on this blog, but I felt like sharing it here. Today I was drawn to write what is written below, and the show Doctor Who just helped. If there was anyone in the Doctor Who universe the most like me, it would be Clara Oswald. Some times really good books, shows, and music can bring something to you that would have taken a bit longer for you to realize. God loves to guide me to these things, because He knows it will help, not only in my writing but also in my life as well.

Clara Oswald let go of something

That was valuable to her

She knew it was important

Life is all about letting go

Of things that aren’t meant to be

That are only for a season

Nothing truly stays the same

This is some thing we have to learn

I made a decision to let some thing go

God reassured me that it would help

With the future He has layed out for me

For letting go would open my heart

To remind me of all that I have

And what I still need to do

To make the world a better place

There’s a bright future ahead

He wants me to be open for everything

That will help me get to where I need to be

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