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Just A Few Updates

I received an opportunity, and I’ve been worried about mentioning too much about it, in case it doesn’t turn out. At the same time, I really want to talk about it because I know it will help not only motivate me, but maybe I can get some suggestions. Without saying too much, I have a chance to write an essay that might end up being published in an actual book. It’s exciting, but since I’ve never written anything academic for publishing before, it’s new to me. I want to take up this opportunity, but I’m not really sure exactly how. First, I do have an outline (as you can see a bit of it on the photograph above) which helps me have an idea of what I’ll do. The big issue is that I need to read several books, so that way I can complete the essay. There are some aspects of the essay that I’ve already have, and all I need to do is revise it, and/or write it out. So I figure if I do those parts first, it would make me feel like I’ve already got part of the draft done. The tricky part is that I’m busy with graduate school. So I have to make sure that I get everything done for my classes, which is my first priority, and then work on this project. So far, I know that I need to schedule time to make sure I get stuff done that way I don’t rush on this project (even though it’s due some time in June). There is a bit of research that I still need to find that will add to the essay. I realize that mostly what I really need to do is read, and write till the draft is complete. Then there will be editing, and revising, but that’s later.  Is there any other suggestions? I would really appreciate it.

Besides this, there hasn’t been much excitement. I haven’t written much creatively, besides a very short unpublished fanfic. I think it would be nice to get back into writing a bit more poetry. That way I can still get my creative juices flowing, in the meantime. Most of the writing so far, this year for me is academically, which makes sense right? I’m a bit stressed out with my classes, but trying my best to take them one step at a time. Plus I remind myself that this is where I’m suppose to be. There has been some reading for class that I’ve found interesting, and made me realize some aspects of my life that I hadn’t thought of before, which defines the life of an English major at least in my perspective. Relating to this month, series 3 of Sherlock ended (but luckily I have fanfiction and the cool Sherlock: The Network app [which is worth it’s price] to keep me at bay till the new series comes out some time in likely 2016), a few shows that I like have come back, so those are nice breaks for me in between the stresses of classes. Valentine’s Day was actually really enjoyable this year, even though I was single. This will make me sound like a dork, but I had a good time sharing Valentine’s Day images online, sending messages to friends of mine, listening to some poetry through The Love Book App, and hanging out with my best friend for a little while, in between all that was homework (which wasn’t as fun). I tried to remind myself, as well as others, that the day was about love, all kinds of love. It made me feel so much better to just enjoy the day. Plus I’m okay with not being in a relationship right now, it’s much easier and less drama. Sure it would be nice to have someone, especially when I get stressed out about classes, but I’ve got my friends and family so far they have been there for me always that means more to me than anything.

As many students might be already, I’m really looking forward to Spring Break (March 7-16). It sounds like my professors will actually give us a true break. So that should help, relating to the project that I’m working on, plus give me some time off from my classes. Nothing really exciting planned, but that’s all right. Some times it’s best to just relax, and enjoy what you have.

Additionally, I hope you can support my friends Caitlin and Liz on their great unique Kickstarter projects. Caitlin’s will be finishing in less than a day, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can. If you can’t donate, please share about it. You can find Caitlin’s Kickstarter here. My friend Liz’s Kickstarter (which you can find here) still has 23 days left to go, but I recommend sharing about it as much as you can, so she can get to her goal. They appreciate any support you can provide. I also would recommend checking out this awesome book trailer for the book, GILDED (written by Christina Farley). The book will be officially released March 1st, and I’m really excited for my friend Christina as well as her book.

Don’t forget that you’re loved always by God. Keep writing, and reading, and enjoying life.

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