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Gratitude In July 2019

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Gratitude In July by Christy V.

1. The life given to me.

2. The stories gathered.

3. The people that matter.

4. The work that works best.

5. The talents passionately shared.

6. The travels that are worthwhile.

7. The everyday things and moments.

8. The choices that changes things.

9. The hope towards the future.

10. The help that can be provided.

11. The compassion for everyone.

12. The languages to communicate.

13. The feelings that move me.

14. The words to be written.

15. The vision to freeze time.

16. The ability to listen closely.

17. The voice to always sing out.

18. The hands to make anew.

19. The steps going forward.

20. The stars work hard to shine.

21. The nature that surrounds.

22. The love that we can share.

23. The cultures that connect us.

24. The self-care that strengthens.

25. The knowledge that empowers.

26. The open doors to new changes.

27. The team that makes us better.

28. The past that makes us learn.

29. The magic that is hidden within.

30. Everything given by a higher power.

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