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Almost Halfway With Querying

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My goal with querying is to send out 100 queries. I’m almost half way. With my next batch, I will be half way. It’s important to believe and love your manuscript to endure each rejection, while still reflecting on what you can improve. With each batch, I’ve learned more about querying, publication, and most of all, the writing community.

I’m thankful for the support so far on my novel. This has also helped as I’ve move forward towards publication and my writing, in between my jobs. If I don’t get it published traditionally, I will self-publish. I have plans for that too. I want to make sure I try as many options as possible, including a twitter pitch event and an unpublished contest.

While waiting for responses, I’m working on writing a short script and any short stories that I can, and planning what novel I will write next with NaNoPrep. Next month, I will learn how I do with Book Pipeline’s unpublished contest on October 25. This is why I can’t submit to Pitch Wars, according to their rules about contests. I will put more effort on planning out my next novel to be prepared for NaNoWriMo.

After several rejections with my novel, I look at what I can do to improve on my query, or how I will approach querying differently, for the next batch. Each batch is exciting because it’s another chance for my novel to get opportunities. It’s the same way I feel about the unpublished contest too. I don’t know how it will work out, but I’m hopeful. I will continue forward as best as I can.

I hope to write at least another blog update next month with querying, Book Pipeline’s unpublished contest, and Preptober (NaNoPrep in October). Then another blog update before NaNoWriMo (in November) and afterwards. At least one blog post at the end of the year to reflect on this year and what I can do next. I will try my best to update soon. Thank you for keeping up with my progress.

Best wishes to my fellow writers, especially my fellow South Texas writers. Hopefully we will get good news soon with querying. If not, I hope you will continue like I will to find a way to get your stories published. We will find a way. Keep writing. We’ve got this.

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