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30 Poems in 30 Days: The Opening Scene (Day 14)

Christina (aka Christy V.)

The opening scene of my Hallmark movie

It would start as a young version of me

Just getting started with school and life

In a school assignment, she needs to write

A short book that would be included

In the school library, you’ll see me proud

Then a transition shows scenes from

All the places I’ve been until the days

Where I’ve grown up as a young woman

That published her debut novel and became

A proud author that I’ve strived to be

While I’m still young with my indie career

There’s still passion that I can grow

Someday people will say she worked

And accomplished her all dreams

For now, we’re nearing the middle

Where there is some dreams

Accomplished, always ups and downs

Nothing will stop me from achieving

I must always have hope that

All my progress will lead me where

I am meant to be and want to go

By Christy V.

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Christina Vourcos


Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


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