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30 Poems In 30 Days: Queen of South Texas (Day 14)

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Queen of South Texas by Christy V.

Her death shocked the world

Afterwards even more knew her

Even though she’d won a Grammy

Many didn’t know who she was

A film told her story for all to see

Her music was bilingual

Even though she struggled to be

She knew Spanish and English

And what it meant to be

Of two worlds and fit in

She inspired Latina girls

To be proud of their culture

She inspired singing and dancing

Including the “washing machine”

And did all she could to be herself

Even when people treated her different

She wrote some of her songs

She created designs to wear

Especially for her concerts

She had amor prohibido

And wanted to be an actress

Now she’s seen as queen

With a festival and products

And a star among many

What will last will be

Fotos y recuerdos

Y toda su musica

Passed down to others

Como la flor, siempre

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