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30 Poems In 30 Days: Ode To Teachers (Day 1)

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Ode To Teachers by Christy V. (First Year Teacher)

There is so much planning you don’t see

Everything is for their students to succeed

Sometimes they buy supplies they need

They worry about their students at home

There are so many requirements you don’t see

Professional trainings and meetings to do

It’s hard finding time or making ends meet

There’s so many ideas but which one will work

It’s a stage every day, they’ve got to be Broadway best

Nothing less, no matter how they feel

Several shows a day, or a show twice a week

Finding ways to be unique each time

They’re there to motivate and inspire

Those who don’t, move on

The first year is the hardest

This is true but go the direction

That is best for you

Thank you for all you do

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