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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: What’s My Alter-Ego? (Day 8)

Selfies from my recent Instagram Reel

I would love to say my alter-ego is a superhero

I know that my powers aren’t the same

When I think of my alter-ego

She is my confidence magnified

She can be anyone she wants

It’s usually the one many see

She is the one that has all my strengths

With the understanding of her Kryptonite

She can do everything she wants to do

Nothing stops her determination

Even if something does, it makes her stronger

She is the one not worried about others

She knows that being a nerd is cool

Even if she is being silly, people will relate

My alter-ego would stay that I have

Important traits too, my supportive nature

The compassion to others and their stories

The passion to explore the arts

All that I do is important for the world

The educator, the web content manager, the independent writer, and it’s amazing

That I can do it all, the best that I can

It makes me realize that I have different parts of me, even with language and culture

Every part is worth knowing and celebrating

By Christy V.

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