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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Waiting for the Moment (Day 27)

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When you read or watch Jane Austen

You might not know at first how she writes

As you read or watch you start to realize that

It’s more than just romance stories

We’re able to see a critique of society

A question about finding the right match

When the terms come with money

You can tell who is the leading man

He’s always there looming at a distance

Or always around the leading lady

Or maybe appeared late into the story

When things come between them you know

It’s all about the journey more than

Waiting for the happy ending at the end

So why do we desire so much to see it

Because it’s our own fantasy

We’re all striving for that happiness

Of finding someone who is perfect

In all the ways for us, so why is it so difficult?

As it is in stories, probably because it takes

Awhile for us to publish the story too

By Christy V.

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