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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Rock Era (Day 22)

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Staying up at midnight to listen to Rock music

It takes me back to years ago in college,

Not waiting for new music at midnight, but

The style that feels so familiar to local

Musicians that would love to have fans

Waiting for their music at midnight

It isn’t something specific besides familiar

To my musical ear that has enjoyed rock

Folk, and indie music created here

This music wasn’t created in South Texas

But one of the band members was created

By his past here in South Texas

He carries the past in a suitcase ready

To unpack and understand to make a better

Future, he can do that with music

With every lyric, note, and instrument

We’re thrown back to the past

To reveal a story that only you can tell

Your true fans will always be willing

To listen to the next chapter in your

Journey, now we’re in the Rock era

By Christy V.

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