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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Note to Self (Day 4)

Image from Canva

Note to Self: Write a Poetry Prompt

1. Start with an idea for a photo or search for the right one that’s free to share

2. Does it have the right message or not

3. Did you find the words you need that match that photo? If not, get started

4. The words come on to the screen sometimes easier than what you want in other forms

5. What can you tell to others that you haven’t before? You’re you at a different time

6. Make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end… though it may be hard

7. Don’t worry you’ll find the words you’ve been looking for, they’ll come, just wait

By Christy V.

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Christina Vourcos


Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


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