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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Latina Heroics (Day 3)

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“Sadly, we turn the page to right our hearts, knowing our lives too well to be the heroines of our mothers’ stories. We’re careful with the words we pick, the loves with no returns like the ones we wanted.”

– ‘Heroics’ by Julia Alvarez

Latina Heroics

We have the power to tell our stories

Throughout generations our souls turn

As we’ve been burden by the past

By trauma never addressed because

Sadly, we turn the page to the right

It matters what we do now

As well as for the future, our hearts

Knowing our lives too well to be

The heroines of our mother’s stories

We do what we can to make a difference

No matter what happens next

Staying still leads us to never change

The lessons we have learned leads us

We’re careful with the words we pick

Because we know that the loves

With no returns aren’t the ones

We truly wanted, as we know our value

By Christy V.

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