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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Anticipation (Day 21)

Photo by Christy V.

Every year I wait for this day in anticipation

It’s not a holiday or something important

I always remember this day, it’s easy to

When there is constant reminders online

Four years ago I met you, an inspiration

You make me believe that I could do anything

For you, it was a stressful day to perform

The end result was all worth it for

A perfect show under the Texas night sky

I got photos to remember the meeting

This year, I share with extra pride

As we’re both sharing our writing to world

It took a lot of effort, but it was worth it

While we wait to hear your band’s music

This day is also special for another reason

Your biggest fan was born a few years ago

I’m just as much a fan of her as she grows

Even though I don’t know her like you do

You know the music that will be released

We’ll finally be able to hear the notes

Focus on the lyrics with your voice

Counting down the days, now the hours

At midnight the tracks will drop

As soon as we hear the songs

Many will want to hear more

By Christy V.

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