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30 Poems, 30 Days: Lucky (Day 29)


He was fortunate to find a home at my aunt’s place

As time has passed details have drifted away

As my aunt’s life changed for the good

He had to find a new home

Before then when my aunt and uncle were away

I found myself making sure Lucky was okay

Did he have everything he needed?

As if I was serving a king

Even as a noblewoman, I still had some power

Nothing like my mother who’s anger he understood

He was mischievous when he was alone

He knew he was free to do as he pleased

Knocking things down or making a mess on the floor

But he knew he was fortunate to have a caring home

Everyone enjoyed his charming presence

When he wanted to be around others and pampered

Always there when we needed a bit of self-care

I wish my aunt had been able to keep him forever

As he was the only true pet I’ve ever cared for

As I was never given a pet like a cat, or a dog, as

My dad will never let me forget what happened to the fish

And insist that we still don’t have the space

But I know now Lucky wasn’t free

It would cost me a lot to have one like him

Even though he rested everywhere almost all the time

Maybe someday I’ll have a pet worth the cost

For now I’ll do my best to remember

One of the best, as Lucky will always be favored

By Christy V.

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