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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: What makes a superhero? (Day 28)

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What makes a superhero? Is it their suit or cape? Is it their pose during chaos?

How do we find these heroes?

Are they on the front cover of a newspaper? Do we only see them in stories?

Where can we find them when needed? Will we know who they are? Will they fight for truth and justice?

Will they stand for hope? Will they help when they can?

Will they have compassion for all?

Do they remember every save? Are they as smart as their powers?

Do they focus also on caring for their minds? Do they see the future bright?

How do they learn to be superheroes? How much work is it?

How can they do everything and live their lives? Are they talented?

Do they always work together with friends and sometimes family?

Do they change others lives with their words and actions?

I have so many questions. Can you answer them all?

The only answer you need is. Superheroes are within us all.

By Christy V.

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