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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Watching Through The Window (Day 29)

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You see her watching through the window

A rescue kitten that arrived a month ago

No one knew where she came from

No one came for her, only you

She enjoyed her new small home for her reign

A warm bed, fresh water, food, and toys

At least that’s what you thought

So why is she watching through the window?

There’s nothing special outside, no one’s walking by

No birds in the growing oak tree, no cars driving by

The street is empty, but she staring right at it

Is she expecting someone to come by?

Aren’t you enough? Or does she want to leave?

You’ll stay waiting along with her

Until one day, you both find a cat appear

Through the window, she scratched to get closer

The cat looked like a future version of her

Is it her mother or another?

You take her outside and they meet in your yard

They touch their furry faces together

She looks back at you, is it time for her to leave?

Eventually she returns back to you, and the cat too

That’s when you realize you have room for another

Now your rescues are not alone, neither are you

By Christy V.

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