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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Road Taken (Day 2)

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There is a crossroad where she stood

Looking back was not an option, only forward

The path to the crossroad wasn’t easy

It was filled with lessons all the same

Unnecessary tears and pain that brought her down

It cleared the path to understanding

That she wasn’t where she was meant to be

As she arrived to the crossroad, there was no telling

Where she would go, but it was weary each direction

Time was passing by, as she decided, with little doubt in mind

She began a new path of second chances and dreams

This road was less traveled by many

Since it wasn’t shown as an option to walk

If it was, the road wasn’t fully paved

Or it was for others who weathered past storms

But she knew that there were others like her

That needed another path to grow and share their knowledge

A journey worth taking as it leads to changes for good

For those she met would value her words

That made all the difference, as she was where she should

By Christy V.

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