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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: For You, From Me (Day 11)

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To my favorite character: How’s the future?

Your presence is missed, beyond your friends

Your talented skills with technology

Your inventive mind and perfect references

Your charming and playful personality

And most of all, your good friendship always

Any chance you’ll return again to visit?

You’ve taught me to be confident in myself

How to be a hero, and more than you’ll ever know

I still have hope I’ll see you again


To Christy: I can’t tell you the future

You know that, but it’s going better than expected

Everything will work out eventually

Only time will tell when you’ll see me again

Thanks for all the nice words, but you’re talented as well

Creative beyond measure, more confident than you know

You too have charming personality

Keep doing what you can, the future is bright

Stick with your team, and you’ll be alright

Don’t forget there’s someone that looks like me

He will always be around

By Christy V.

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