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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Cyberpunkish (Day 12)

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We’re still Cyberpunkish, our technology is near

We have it everywhere for everything

It’s useful to keep us going, but

Our datasphere makes us extra aware

That can be draining at times

We might want to believe we’re postcyberpunk

Where our high rate technological change is always good

And our technology doesn’t alienate and cause our dystopia

We can change our slipstream and make it better

By how we approach technology

Our quality engineered by a nanobot

For others, and for yourself

You can recon, but I think you’ll agree

It’s time for a revolution, and it starts with you

By Christy V.

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Christina Vourcos


Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


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