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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Brain Fog (Day 1)

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The moment you read the words, like a wave reaching the shore,

You’re pulled into deep understanding of everything

The moments the drawers can’t open filled with files

Unsure what to do next would work best

Yesterday’s thoughts running behind you

Deep within the water that you can’t speak or think

Then you return to the surface, and fog wraps around

You can’t see what’s head, only three feet away

Was there something beside you unseen?

Where are you going now? No one knows.

The water is you slowing down, and you’re bright awake

Why is everything taking so long? You never know.

Where’s the motivation to move forward?

You’re stuck in one place with no where to go

You feel like a Zombie frozen in pain

While you wait for the fog to clear

You learn the strokes in the water to move

Ahead is the process that can and will be seen

By Christy V.

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