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30 Poems, 30 Days 2021: Abandoned (Day 8)

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They found me crying by the wall abandoned

My mother would never return for me

She was long gone within Mexico

No return to sender information

They had no choice, I must stay

At a packed detention center

For a year I learned between those walls

More than what a toddler should

I had no choice until one day

I was adopted by Greek Americans

A young couple who recently gained citizenship

Who learned of my story and they knew

They could be my adopted parents

They would give me everything

So I could become their American Dream

A child they could love that would change the world

I would grow up with parents that struggled

Especially to teach me where I came from

As time passed, I learned on my own

My past to guide my future path

That would lead me to someone I would fall in love

Who had her own personal story of the border

Only time will tell if she’ll love me back

By Christy V.

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