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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Writing Zone (Day 28)

Credit: Christy V.

When you’re a writer, even a poet,

Time seems all that you want

You write like you’re running out of time

When given the time, the space to write

You dread the blank page or finding errors

You don’t want perfection, but something that matters

Something that feels real, even if it’s fantasy

Your favorite space is when the words flow

Being in the zone is what you want

Imagining your characters telling you to finish

Hearing a voice that has something to say

Emotions that break through the page

Writing in your own way, no matter what,

If you’re not writing, it doesn’t feel right,

You find reading solace, especially for inspiration

When you have time, you want to be

Busy writing or reading because

That’s your favorite place to be

No matter where you’re at in space and time

Never interrupt Emily’s writing or mine

By Christy V.

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