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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: The Earth & Beyond (Day 22) – Earth from the Moon

Eso es griego para mí

When I think of science, I think of the Greeks

I know a bit but I wish I knew more

Just like I wish I knew more of the Earth and the Moon

My knowledge of the constellations feels like knowing

One star in the whole galaxy that I wish I could explore

If you asked me about all the plants we have

I would search a book in a library or talk to someone

Just like I would about the animals in the sea

I know things, but it’s never enough

To convince the world to save the Earth

No matter what I learn, I find adventure galore

Exploring every part of nature holds

If I get a chance to take photos of what I see

Take it home as treasure to remember

No matter time and space

It’s all worth saving as much as the universe

είμαι ανοιχτό βιβλίο, and I’m ready to write

By Christy V.

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