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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Soundwaves (Day 3)


As the waves hit the shore

We’re waiting for every save

Each of us crave for a stroll

As we control our soul

We’re awestruck by our luck

Moonlight leading to moonstruck

Each of us grow with afterglow

Otherwise we left with vertigo

We have a sense when we tense

With every suspense expense

We teach to reach to the beach

Every affect, wrecked to protect

Don’t whisk the risk to roam

Brisk within your home

Our nature is to nurture

I’ll always wager on that

Waves will fall within the dome

By Christy V.

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Christina Vourcos


Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


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