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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: New Normal (Day 30)


When we return, we’ll be in the new normal

Let’s not rush there yet until it’s safe

We’ve lost too much already

It will take planning, work, and time

I believe it will be worth it when we do

We can see the changes now

A lot of people being more cautious

Technology used for good more than ever

We need it to educate, work remote, and connect

Yet not everyone has access and we must change that

Our new normal means wearing masks until a vaccine

Social distancing is the key, as much as we can

We can’t be part of intermission forever

So we need to create space in each building

Blended learning could be an educational revolution

We’ll need to be creative to change how we work

We can’t go back to the way things were

Only look back to the past to see all we’ve overcome

That even our difficulties lead us to victories

That even we cannot imagine yet

I’ve studied enough history and stories to know

We’ll find a new normal that changes the future

It’s up to all of us taking the best steps forward

I believe it will lead to better chapters ahead

By Christy V.

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