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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Learning Curve (Day 27)


We’re living in the future, it’s a learning curve

Teachers and tutors are working from home

The world is breaking outside, home feels safe

There’s so many heroes sacrificing their lives

Even though things are new and tough

We’re the lucky ones to work from home

We’re finding ways to teach in new ways

We’re performing on a virtual stage

While audience feels distant, mostly focused

Students stressed about how they will learn

Sharing computers and finding free Wifi

Finding time and figuring how to live

We’re all trying to find time to get things done

We feel like we’re working more than ever before

We don’t know what lies ahead for us

We keep moving forward as best as we can

Making self-care a priority to have the strength

Teachers and tutors do all they can

To help others with less pay because

Education matters with everything

The learning curve is worth it at the end

By Christy V.

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