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2021: Making Waves In Publishing

Note: Not my graphic. I found it online.

Last year, I realized that publishing my writing was important for me. This year, I realized that indie publishing was my path towards making my goals happen.

  1. I found out about Kindle Vella this year though my friend and fellow author, Christina Farley. Plus fellow author (and now friend) Beth Revis published in this new platform. As soon as I started to read both of their serials, I knew that I wanted to jump into this platform to publish my stories.

  2. I found an amazing community of fellow authors and friends through Kindle Vella. I can’t wait to see where their writing goes next year. I proud to be part of a supportive community through social media, Discord, and Clubhouse, and most of all, Kindle Vella.

  3. I published my first Kindle Vella serial, ‘Liberty Calling,‘ in August, and standard formats (ebook, hardcover, and paperback) in October/November. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to make it happen, but it did take a lot of effort. I proud of what I’ve accomplished. I learned more about what worked with publishing on Kindle Vella, as well as standard formats, and marketing.

  4. I started to publish my second Kindle Vella serial, ‘Never Forget.‘ I originally started this story in July as a TV pilot (thanks to my TV writer friend for inspiring me, she knows who she is), but I found that it would work well for Kindle Vella. I could always make this story into a TV pilot later. I continued to learn more about worked with publishing and marketing. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed supporting others and their stories.

  5. I’ve realized that I need to make sure I have a good balance between writing and everything else I do. Sometimes you can’t get a lot of writing done, but you can at least get a bit done each week.

  6. I’ve learned that I really like the TV/Film plotting for my stories and works well beyond these formats. As well as using Beth Revis’ Fast Draft workbook to make better progress on serial writing.

  7. I’ve read more this year than years previously. I felt like I went back in time when I used to read a lot of books. That’s what’s fantastic about Kindle Vella. I’ve read a lot of stories that way, but also in standard formats as well (ebooks and physical copies). Including diverse and unique stories.

  8. I’ve learned that I can make my dreams come true. I mean I knew that before, but even more so this year. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeremy. Since being a fan of his, he’s inspired me to reach my dreams.

  9. I also learned from Jeremy how important mental health is and choosing what works best for your life. I feel like that has changed how I’ve made my decisions, as well this year. Most of all, giving me courage to speak up if I need to with work, writing, health, and beyond.

  10. I’m extremely proud how much we’ve moved towards more diversity in storytelling in different forms, but we still have much more work to do. Let’s keep it up in 2022. It’s so important to provide representation to our audiences, as well as for ourselves.

I can’t wait to see what we do in 2022. If you’re a fellow writer, I can’t wait to experience your writing in any format that you’re able to share next year and beyond. Let’s keep writing. Thanks for being part of my writing journey and I hope you’ll continue moving forward.

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Self-Published Indie Author and Poet, Lymphoma Survivor, GreekLatina, M.A. 


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