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The Power of Writing and Inspiration

“One thing I know: Words are powerful.” – Christina Farley, THE PRINCESS AND THE PAGE, 224

With each stroke of a pen, or key on the computer, people and new worlds can be woven into stories. I’ve always found stories, as well as writing, magical. Christina Farley’s latest novel, THE PRINCESS AND PAGE, is perfect for all ages, but most of all, a wonderful way to explore the power of words for readers and writers alike. Every time I picked up the book to read, I found myself interested in where the story would go, but also made me drawn to my computer to write. I’m glad that I took my time to read this book because it made me really enjoy the story, and the way it was created. The most amazing part of the story it’s actually inspired by actual castle and its royal inhabitants, including Gabrielle d’Estrees, French royalty who lived during the 1500s. The main character of Christina Farley’s story, Keira takes on a modern day journey as a Word Weaver, who bring their stories to life when they use a magical pen. I believe that Keira will inspire many girls to create their own stories. I know because she and her author have inspired me.

During the time that I was reading this book, I had recently completed my final retake comprehensive exam, and started on my Camp NaNoWriMo creative project. I went from one intense writing event to another. Both would end up being extremely successful. Now that I’ve passed that exam, I can graduate this month and receive my Masters degree in English Literature. With Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve still have a bit more to go on my writing project, but I reached my goal. I hope to finish the draft and revise it soon. Christina Farley’s book was only one of many things that inspired and motivated me with Camp NaNoWriMo.

Image: Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) from Supergirl — Meme created by me

Another would be Jeremy Jordan, the multi-talented actor from the same city I live in right now, he inspired and motivated me through his own range of work and online postings. Not just for April Camp NaNoWriMo, but also since the TV show Supergirl aired (on the CBS and now The CW) and most of all this semester. My mantra for my exam was: “If Jeremy Jordan can reach his dreams, then so can I.” It has basically become my mantra for life. Hopefully someday I can meet him, and tell him how much he, and his work, has inspired and motivated me. It can’t be too hard to meet up with him, he has to come back to his hometown eventually, right? It’s my birthday wish, but it’s likely not going to come true this year. Just as Christina Farley was inspired by real life aspects for her story, so was I. One of the best things about creative writing is that you can make almost anything possible. Even make your birthday wish come true early. If I’m Word Weaver, it will eventually happen, but hopefully not exactly how I wrote it. My new novella is only loosely inspired by the real world, a bit of my Catholic faith seeped in, but besides all that, it’s all fictional. I still haven’t done anything with the first novella I wrote for my first Camp NaNoWriMo. I would like to revise both and then see if I can get them published somehow.

Supergirl on The CW – Winn Scott (Jeremy Jordan) & Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoit) from the recent episode, “Alex” #SupergirlCW

On another note, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that I’m drawn to stories about female reporters, since I was a student reporter for high school and college for a while. While Supergirl brings hope, Kara Danvers inspires me more. Especially this season as she has grown as a reporter, and I hope she continues to grow in the seasons ahead. Her passion to tell the world the truth, no matter the consequences is awe inspiring. Also her influence has inspired those around her to want to be heroes as well. That I find amazing. That includes Jeremy Jordan’s character Winn Schott, who has wonderfully grown in the past two seasons to be an important part of Kara’s life. His nerdy, smart, crafty, and charming personality, and as well being an awesome friend makes him a hero in his own right. Kara and Winn are my favorites on the show, so it’s also no wonder I want them also to be together. For now, I’m happy with them as friends.

Katherine Plumber (Kara Lindsay) and Jack Kelly (Jeremy Jordan) in Disney’s Newsies (2017) #NewsiesForever

In the stage version (which is even better than the original) of Newsies, Katherine Plumber is another inspiring reporter. She not only brings a voice to kids fighting for the right wages, she also empowers herself through her writing. She gets inspired to write an article about these newsies, especially about the head of the group and the face of the strike, Jack Kelly. These two get inspired by each other to do what they thought wouldn’t be possible. As someone who has loved music, dancing, and singing, especially musicals, and plus I’ve learned many of these talents in school, it is no wonder I found this stage version of Newsies enthralling. I’m not the only one since the stage version has been nominated and won a few Tony awards. I wish I had gotten a chance to see it live, but I’m so thankful that they filmed the stage version and released it this year in cinemas. Soon the world will know about the best musical I’ve ever seen, because the digital release will be May 23. For now, you can enjoy the original cast recording of the songs on Spotify, and as well as other songs that Jeremy Jordan has performed.

“This is next level.” – Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) on the latest episode of Supergirl. 😉

I could tell you more about what has inspired me lately, but I think this post is getting long. I’m sure I’ll write more on my blog in the future. Hopefully I’ll write more blog posts coming up, and especially in the summer. See you soon! Thanks for reading! May you have many blessings, and if you write, may you have plenty of inspirations to lead you to write. I’m so thankful to have so many inspirations that lead me to write from my favorite authors to my favorite actors, and my friends and family. I’ve truly have been blessed by God. More and more feel that He is leading me towards using not only my singing voice, but also my writing voice towards showing His love for us. So I don’t know what is ahead for me, but I’ve realized that I’ve been given talents that must be shared. I’m thankful for that.

P.S. Several of my favorite authors made me cry today because of their writing. Thank you, J.K. Rowling, Richard Castle, and Christina Farley. Lots of love.

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