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The Magical Writing (Baking) Process

Jenna from Waitress the Musical

The end result of any writing project feels like magic. Leading up to the finish product is a journey that I enjoy being on. The first part of the writing process is planning. I prefer to outline, like a recipe that I can follow. I grab all the ingredients I need, especially the research, which feels like an adventure. You never know what you might find. As I start working on the first draft, is making every part of the recipe by scratch. The beginning and the end of the draft are the double dough pie crusts. The middle is the filling, with many possibilities.

Clara Oswald from BBC’s Doctor Who

The time spent on making the filling is what makes a pie unique. Everything written with the heart, and then later revised and edited with precise measure. The draft can be set aside as you work on another before preparing the pies for baking, the revision and editing timed just right. The baking time is every draft that you have to make before it’s ready for publication. When everyone sees the final product is when everyone, even the creator, can have pie.

Dumbledore from Fantastic Beasts

The magic is how one taste can lead someone to make more pies, more writing. Sometimes writing can be done alone, or mostly, but a mentor can make the process more fruitful. Eventually, you have to go at it alone, and hope that you continue to improve. You cast a spell that wows the audience, and become a mentor to others. Showing others how they can find their best way through the process. After all that time, everything changes.

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