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“The Best Things In Life”

Love in Cursive

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I’ve realized that “the best things in life” all come down to this word, “love.” Without this, we wouldn’t be the people we are today. We love our family, friends, the God that created us (at least I do), and the life that we were given. At the same time, there are many things we enjoy that we can’t resist using the word, “love.” Even though it’s suppose to be a special word, we’re drawn to use it so much. Since in the English language, we only can only really choose between the words, “love” and “like,” it seems difficult to not to. I try my best to say, “enjoy” when it comes down to things, but at the same time, how would I describe how I feel about the book series, Harry Potter, since it’s meant to so much to me. What about literature in general, I really enjoy that, so much so that I’m working towards a Master’s degree. I enjoy tea… I’m kind of going off track here, I think.

My friend Eric suggested I use “the best things in life,” as a springboard for this blog post, because I was asking for suggestions on Twitter. My first thought how could I take this idea and connect it to writing. My first thought was “love.” There are many things I love, and enjoy in life, and those are the things I find best in life. They all seem to work together as puzzle pieces. I enjoy music, writing, and reading. Music and reading inspire me to write. While writing helps me understand when I read, what magic authors bring to their work, because I know how hard they work to get to their final product. Reading helps me explore new places, ideas, perspectives, and mini-lives. Music is one of the best things in life, because it’s like magic how the right lyrics and melody can take you back to a great memory, tell a good story, or just make you feel like you’re living in the moment.

We need to remember always “the best things in life” because it helps us get through the obstacles in our lives. It’s these things that push us not to give up. We can reach everything we hope for, even our own happy endings, if we work hard and remember to enjoy what we have. Just like a wise man once said, don’t give up, that’s the deal. He’s also the same who said…


Image made by Christy

Well, in his book anyways. Richard Castle wrote on page 210 (the ebook version), in his book ‘Wild Storm’:

“That’s what makes it wise. Hindsight is fifty-fifty. There’s no greater expression of the arbitrary, random nature of the universe than saying something is fifty-fifty. It means you have an equal chance of being wrong and being right, of winning or of losing. There is no way to game fifty-fifty. You also can’t second-guess it, because how were you suppose to know which way to go? That’s the wisdom of ‘hindsight is fifty fifty.’ It means you can’t go back and beat yourself up over an outcome that only seems preordained after it happened.” 

I found this quote worked perfectly not only after the season 6 finale of Castle, but also for my life. I enjoy finding passages, or quotes, when I reading that hold meaning more than just within the story. After getting my grades of my second semester of graduate school, it keeps me in a good perspective. Sure, it would have been great if I had gotten a higher grade than a C in Introduction to Linguistics, but I was surprised to get a A in Composition Theory & Pedagogy which helped me maintain a 3.0 GPA. There is nothing I can do now to change what happened, in grad school and other decisions in my life, but I’m happy to take what I have. You know why? Everything I’ve experienced has given me lessons that help me continue on with life with a better perspective. I can’t change the past, but I can do something about what can happen right now, and that will change my future.

What are your “best things in life”? I recommend writing them down on a piece of paper, maybe even in cursive. So you can see them every day, and be reminded. Or you can put them on a sticky note and place some where where you can see it. You can also write a journal filled with graditude each day. It’s all up to you. I promise it will help give you a positive look on life, even when times get tough.

Additionally, I want to bring cursive back. Less and less children are learning cursive, and it makes me sad. It’s has been so much part of our history. I can’t imagine it dying out. Learn more about this here, thanks to PBS.

I also found online this very helpful worksheet. So now, if you choose to accept the mission, you can tell others about using cursive, and you can practice New American Cursive with me…

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