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Something Magical


Freya and Merlin (From BBC Merlin)

I finished the BBC TV show, Merlin, on Monday. I have been watching the show, for the first time, all summer through Netflix Instant. My parents even got into the show, and we started to watch an episode each day at a certain time. Even now, as a twenty-four year old, there was something great about being able to watch a show with my parents. We could talk about the show to each other. So now I kind of miss it, but I’m glad we didn’t have to wait for new episodes. Each episode was like a chapter in a book, and we wanted to know what happened next right after we finished an episode. It was an amazing show. I can’t even put the words to describe it. I just recommend watching it, when ever you can, especially if you like Harry Potter. So during the time I’ve been watching the show, I’ve been inspired to write something related to Merlin.

The first idea was more of an alternate universe story. I love how they told Merlin’s story in a different, unique way (compared to previous stories of the Arthurian Legend), but I would have love to see a strong-female love interest for him. Merlin and Freyja’s story was great, even if it was an episode and a half. Though I really felt that it would have been great to see Merlin with a love interest later in the show that was his equal, aka had magic, and not trying to destroy Camelot. I know it’s all about Merlin’s destiny, and he’s suppose to mostly deal with it alone. That also made him a good hero, loyal servant, and trustworthy friend. I think it’s mostly because I love a good romance story. Yes, there were romance flowing through the show, but it was light. It makes sense if you think about the time period of the story. All though really, at the end of the show, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It ended, I felt, in a good way even if I wish they added a bit more of what happened after. Anyways, I let that story idea go, and thought of another before we finished watching the show. It’s about the son of Merlin. I do know there have been stories written about the son or daughter of Merlin, but I feel like my idea is a bit different. The main character to the story is an american girl who has magic, but doesn’t know at first, and finds out about the magical world through Merlin’s son. I’m thinking about adding different things that I loved about Merlin, as well as other fantasy stories (such as the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter). Right now it’s just a idea, but hopefully I can write a bit more about it. So far, that’s all the writing that I have done lately, besides journal writing.

I’ve been trying to enjoy my last days of summer before I start Grad School by reading, watching tv shows, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends and family. It’s been a good summer, and incredible “Gap Year.” I felt I used my time well between finishing my undergrad, and starting graduate studies. I’ve learned, and grown, during this time. I noticed it even more when I went yesterday night to the new graduate student orientation. It was great to meet fellow peers that will be starting this semester on their master’s degree. What I thought was neat, when we split up into our areas of study, that I was able to let others know about the local writers group (that I’m a part of), South Texas Scribes, because most of them were interested in creative writing. I knew, as I was talking to them, that I was where I needed to be. They were like me, ready and excited for the next chapter in their lives. Though nervous, but I think that’s normal. Next week, I’ll be starting grad school. How did the summer go by so quickly? Like someone said yesterday, time flies when you’re having fun. Though the only thing that wasn’t fun lately, was that I got into a car accident. I don’t really want to get into explaining it, but the other person, as well as I, are okay besides physical pain. The cars were damaged, but luckily we both had insurance. I was so scared yesterday driving my grandparents’ car (because my mother’s car was ruined). It makes sense after a car accident. I was able to get through it. This accident is some thing I have to deal with right now, but thankfully I have great family and friend support.

Yesterday was also the day, when the last episode of the podcast, MuggleCast, was released. As I listened to the episode late at night, I laughed, cried, and smiled thinking back on all the great memories. One of the hosts, Eric, is a friend of mine (well, all the hosts feel like friends of mine, after 8 years listening to the show). I’m so happy for him, and the rest of the hosts that they were able to finish on a high note. The hosts mentioned the things that they will be doing next, and Eric mentioned about starting up a blog. I’m really excited about this. His blog looks great, and unique with his own photographs. He is still trying to figure out what topics he will write about. So if you have any suggestions, just comment on his posts, or click “contact” on the blog’s menu bar. He will greatly appreciate any kind of feedback. Anyways, this reminded me that I was behind on my own blog. So I woke up this morning determined to write a blog post. So thanks, Eric, for that. There isn’t much more left to say for this post, besides that I promise that I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated during this coming semester, and after that. I’ve really enjoyed writing so far on this blog, and I hope I can keep it going as long as possible.

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