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Revive Romance

Eoin Macken and Amy-Joyce Hastings in The Callback Queen, photo by Tim McDonnell

Eoin Macken and Amy-Joyce Hastings in The Callback Queen, photo by Tim McDonnell

Valentine’s Day is about to arrive. It’s the day about love and romance. Why not get inspired to write wonderful prose or poetry? Make it an opportunity before or on that day to write something about love. Even if you’re sad, something that could make you laugh. Or something touching like a story about charity. Remember the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. You can find inspiration from literature (classic or modern) and other stories you’ve watched, heard, or experienced. Or take a favorite, or famous, poem and take your own twist with revising it towards something new. A certain theme, a favorite couple, and/or looking over a list of your favorite actors and actresses can spark something.

This is a chance to create something for a special someone, or just for yourself. You never know, you might end up wanting to submit it towards publication later. It doesn’t have to be about love or romance, but just reminding yourself why you love writing in the first place. I think there is something special about stories that delve into love or make love an important key to the characters or the story. It can even enhance a thriller, or a medical drama.

The Night Shift - Season 1

Eoin Macken as TC Callahan and Jill Flint as Jordan Alexander in NBC’s Night Shift

Romance can be realistic. It can be tough, and/or a nice surprise. It doesn’t even have to end with a happy ending and everything resolved. Even though I personally do like having some kind of resolution. It’s really up to you. You don’t even have to take my suggestions, but hope you keep writing. Sometimes we can get in a rut, and forget to write for ourselves. Something that gives us a chance to explore what we can do. That’s why I like using prompts or creating my own deadlines to write creatively, to push myself to write even when it seems like I don’t have much time or when I’m not sure what I could write.

Most importantly don’t let your doubts stop you from writing, and sharing your work with others. Even people who may seem confident, still struggle when it comes to what they believe are their weaknesses. Writing can be a very private thing, but it’s also has be public to let your writing skills grow, which can be unnerving because you want to show your best to the world. All you can do is give it your all. I found out recently that Eoin Macken (well-known for Gwaine in BBC Merlin) wrote a book called the Kingdom of Scars (nominated ‘Best Newcomer’ for an Irish book award). As you can already tell, I’m a fan of Eoin. I haven’t read the book yet, but hopefully I can read it some time soon. What I have read is some of his posts on his personal blog, even one where he discusses about his novel. He presents his worries about sharing his writing and how much feedback really helped him towards publishing his first novel. I think this will be a great read because of what I’ve heard about the book, as well as how well he has done other projects like Merlin and The Night Shift (Season 2 starts on February 23rd). He puts all he can into his work. Plus I’m curious to see a coming-to-age story from an Irish perspective. Additionally, I think it would be a good birthday present for him to get his book on Feb. 21st.

Besides the homework I’ll have to do this weekend for grad school, I hope that I’ll get a chance to enjoy this weekend with my family and my best friend Tabitha. I’m not in a relationship, but right now and always, I want to focus on my family and friends that love me. So my hope for this weekend will be about enjoying re-watching Merlin (maybe Doctor Who too), drinking fantastic tea, a bit of enjoyable reading, listen to great music, and most of all spending time with those that I love. Hopefully some point during this weekend I can do some creative writing with a bit of romance. Maybe I might have characters that look like Eoin and Kate Hackett (actress and creator of Classic Alice), because I would enjoy seeing a project with them, and they both inspire me.

Just look at them… A great creative match.


You’ve still got time to figure out your plans (but also be open to surprises and spontaneity). Even if you can’t do everything you would like this weekend, I hope everything you do turns out great. Remember love isn’t only on one day, make sure you share love always.

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