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If we wish hard enough, our dreams can become reality

Have you ever dreamed about something that caused you to write a story? Or has any daydreams inspired you to write? For me, the dreams that I remember are the ones that puzzle me for some reason or another. They haven’t really inspired me to write. I have tried to write them down to help me understand them. It’s been said that if you write your dreams right after you wake up you are able to remember in great detail. That’s why it’s helpful to have a journal (plus pen) beside your bed, or at least a paper and something to write with. The dreams you have don’t always mean exactly what those dream interpretation books say. The books are helpful, but it’s really up to you to fully understand what they mean. Only you know what’s been going on with your life, and certain things might mean something to you that is different from someone else. I find that daydreams, are a bit like what Sherlock calls his “mind palace.” Some times I can close my eyes, and picture different scenarios within my life, or a fictional one. I find music adds to this experience. It seems to help to visualize, and not just to remember details, but also to figure out situations. This kind of imaginative contemplation can help you figure out what could happen next in a story, and figure out your characters. While dreams, might give you ideas that you had within you but they weren’t realized right away. From what I’ve read, we still don’t really know why we dream, but we know that it’s important for our wellbeing, even if we don’t remember most of them. It seems like basically a safe place for us to explore everything we’ve experienced, so we can deal with it. Then there are dreams, that we have that aren’t really dreams at all but actually aspirations, basically anything we hope and desire to accomplish in our lives. We need these dreams as well, because we have to have some kind of hope to deal with all the struggles in our life. We want to find meaning, we strive for it, because we don’t want life to be just ordinary, we want amazing.

There are some who work hard to reach their dreams, and achieve more than they could ever imagine. While there are some who dream, but don’t know how to reach their potential, which might cause them to give up, or they don’t have the support to continue on when struggles bring them down. We have to work hard to reach those dreams, but also help others reach theirs as well. There are many opportunities out there, but we some times we forget that we can do so much more because we get caught up with our busy lives. Some times we need our dreams to remind us, or even just some quite (or musical) time alone to figure out what will make our lives better. As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Christina Farley, has accomplished one of her dreams which is publishing her book, GILDED. I recently was able to purchase my own paperback copy, and read it during Spring Break. It’s an amazing story that includes Korean mythology, along with a strong female character. It was incredible to me to see how she weaved this story in such a way that I was so invested in Jae Hwe Lee’s story that I felt like I was going on her journey with her without even leaving my own room. I’ve always been interested in mythology since I was young, especially with my Greek family roots. So I’ve read Greek, Roman, and a few other myths. Plus more modern takes, like the Percy Jackson series. I had never really read much Asian mythology. So it was interesting to me to see not only that, but also a story set South Korea, with Korean words and foods mixed within the story. It’s also great to know that Christina has been there, so she has drawn from what she knows or from research to make this story, even though it’s fantasy, have realistic elements as well. Most of all it reminded me how much I just enjoy reading, and what I love about reading, which is being swept up into the story and having a mini-life. Suddenly the story ends, and all you want is the story to continue on. Luckily, for me as well as other readers, the sequel to GILDED will be coming out in September 23rd, SILVERN. Till then I’ve got plenty of stories to delve into, plus homework and that special project (the one I mentioned in my previous post… which I’ve progressed a bit on but still have much more to go) that will keep my life interesting. At the same time, I have to remember to stop every once and while and do a bit of imaginative contemplation. I hope you will too. To kind of reference Albus Dumbledore, let us not forget our dreams, but don’t let them be the reason we don’t live either. We have to have middle ground. Only we have to figure that out ourselves, and something we have to continue to balance.  Remember…

“Never doubt. Never shy from who you are meant to be.” – Christina Farley, Gilded, page 143

Thanks to my friend Eric Scull for the awesome blog post idea (by the way, check out his latest blog post that includes his really critical review of the Disney film Frozen, which he brings up some points that I can’t help but agree with him about even though I enjoyed the movie). I’m not sure if this post is exactly what you were thinking but I hope the post turned out good. Also thanks to my friend Christina Farley for being as amazing as her book. Oh, if you have time, I recommend watching Third Star. I watched it because of Benedict Cumberbatch, and stayed for the unforgettable story. It’s a reminder to Carpe Diem every day of your life. Additionally, kudos if you figure out the reference within my blog post title.

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