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Goodbye 2016 – Reflections

door closing

No matter what has happened in 2016. Remember that you can start new again in 2017. We start the new year with hope. It is up to us to keep that hope going through out the year. It is also wonderful to be able to let go of the difficulties we had in the past, and yet realize how much we have grown to be better than we were. Reflect on what you have done this year, and be proud of your accomplishments. That is including moments where you’ve struggled, or you feel that you’ve failed in some way. It has made you become a stronger and wiser person than you were before. Each step forward leads you towards something even if we don’t know it yet. There have been sad moments, and happy moments. They have all lead us to who we are now.

Something did not work out this year, let it be something to make you grow. It’s like what the movie, Ice Sculpture Christmas, on the Hallmark channel said, “Things come to us not when we want them, but when we are ready.” Remember those relationships that have impacted your life. Wm. Paul Young said in his book, Cross Roads, “Faith takes risk… and there is always risk in relationships, but the bottom line? The world has no meaning apart from relationships. Some are just messier than others, some are seasonal, others are difficult, and a few are easy, but every one of them is important.” Be grateful for all your relationships because they have helped you, and many have illuminated the way this year. You know for the year ahead that you can trust and lean on them when you need them the most. Remember all the moments that you’ve impacted others. These moments present light to what ever darkness you had this year. What goals have you accomplished that you set out to do? What have you done that you did not expect? Even if you don’t feel like you’ve done much this year. You’ve done more than you might even know.

Even though I have not written much on this blog, I found much joy in filling in one of my favorite journals. I’ve written story stories, poems, personal and spiritual reflections, and favorite quotes. I’ve made drawings and colored into my journal. I’ve done creative journaling before, but I find this year that I’ve journaled more than ever and I still have a part of my journal left for next year. I’ve also written on my computer, but it’s usually to continue a story I’ve written in my journal. If you do not write creatively in a journal, I recommend it. Even if it is just to write a list. You’re able to find that writing down your thoughts, and ideas can push you to do more than you can imagine and push your boundaries. I set out this year to be more open minded. I’m not sure I succeeded, but what matters is that I tried my best. I did find myself more open to exploring my faith in God through books I’ve read this year. I hope to write some things similar in the future for others as well as myself because these books made an impact on me. I would love to be able to do the same. I’ve struggled this year, but I know all the struggles I’ve had will ultimately benefit me in the future. There have been some friends that have made this year special. They have changed me in a good way. I’m thankful to God for them. We all have the power to make the next year better than the year we’re leaving behind. Make it a good one.

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes on the year ahead.

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