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Every December is Last December

Harry Potter (WB)

Harry Potter (WB & J.K. Rowling)

Yes, the title is sort of referencing the latest Doctor Who Christmas special. I just couldn’t resist.

Every december, we prepare for the holidays, as a Catholic for me it’s Christmas. When the day is over, isn’t really over that excitement is suppose to last all year around, or at least a bit longer. That joy we have is hard to sometimes continue, as well as share, but it’s the best way to make our life worth while even when things don’t look quite well. This isn’t the last December, but maybe we should look at it that way. Have we completed our goals for the year? Have we showed kindness and love to others, as well as our family? It’s time to reflect back on the past, and look towards the new year. Even if things haven’t quite turned out has we hoped they would, we still have time to do something about it. Remember we don’t know what day is the end, so why not try to make every moment like it’s the last.

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (BBC America)

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (BBC America)

It’s been incredible year filled with ups and downs, but overall, I feel it’s been one of my best. As I look at my goals that I wrote in January, every thing I mentioned are still things I need to work on in the new year, but I feel that I’ve tried my best to accomplish those goals. By this point, I’ve completed the best that I could three semesters of Grad school, and I still have one more year left to finish, at least for my Masters. I’ve tried to let go of things that bring me down, tried to maintain my stress (tea really helps, especially from Lotus Dreams Tea), and pray when I could. I had an incredible 25th birthday party (with tea & live music). A downside, I still struggled to write and read more this year, outside of my classes, but I did have a course on Creative Writing, so that was a nice break from academic writing. Additionally, I started to read this year a great book series, GILDED, by my friend Christina Farley. I felt this recent semester, I was able to improve on having better balance. I felt that planning, drinking tea, and small breaks really helped me get what I needed done for grad school, and even complete my special essay (soon to be published, hopefully… I still don’t feel it will be real till I see my name printed). Did I really live life to the fullest this year? Well, I don’t know, but I tried, and that’s what counts. I did do something unexpected this year which was write a review & conduct an interview for the awesome web series, Classic Alice. I hope it helped bring more interest to the show, as well as support for next year during their crowd funding campaign (starting January 6), so the web series can continue through the next year. I think it’s worth continuing. There are so many things I’ve done this year, I’m worried I’m forgetting something. At the same time, this shows some good highlights. I hope you had some great ones too. Much thanks to all who have made this year special.

It’s great to look back and see successes, as well as great moments. It’s almost that time again to see what goals we need to do to make our new year worth while. Are you ready? I know I’m ready for my next adventure.

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (BBC America)

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (BBC America)

 May you all have a wonderful 2015!

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