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Borderland Monologue by Christy


**Image found online.** Author’s Note: I felt like writing this monologue.

Where is my brother? I asked. I couldn’t find him anywhere at school. No one would tell me. I should have walked with him to school today, but I was in a hurry to get to my first period class. I had to present on a book that I liked for my English class. 

All I could remember was that he looked busy getting something done. I had figured he was trying to finish some project that he didn’t tell me about. Maybe it had something to do with that. I asked where my parents were, but everyone kept telling me that they should be here soon. The time went by, but they didn’t arrive. 

Finally a lady from the school came to me and said that some officer was here to talk to me. Before the officer could say anything, she mentioned with tears in her eyes that my parents and my older brother were sent back. Where were they? I asked. They were sent back to Mexico. The officer said it as if it was every day occurrence. That was when I realized it was. I had been noticing other students missing lately, but no one would explain where they were. Were they being sent back? Where were they going? Why were they being sent there? This is their home. 

The officer kept speaking. I heard the word “illegal.” I quickly responded. I’m not illegal. He said that I wasn’t, but the rest of my family was. I was confused. My parents and my brother didn’t tell me that they were living here illegally. I thought we were all Americans. My family speaks both Spanish and English. I knew my parents were from Mexico, but I thought they had become American citizens. I didn’t even know that my brother wasn’t born in America. Why didn’t they tell me? There were so many questions running through my head. I didn’t even hear what the officer was talking about. They started to direct me towards the cop car. The lady left me with the officer. He told me that he would take me somewhere where they would take care of me until they found the best solution for me. 

I’m in a building with others like me. With no homes to go to. I’m all alone. 

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