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All it takes is one person

Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

Marvel’s Daredevil (Netflix)

“It’s funny how your life can change/And turn around on a dime/Yeah it can take you down the darkest lane/Then lead you into better times…” – Daughtry, ‘Utopia.’

The way the world is, it’s hard to imagine how much one person can do to make a difference. Every day, we all make an impact some how. We all have the power within ourselves to do good, but we have to strive to do it. Obviously we can’t be superheroes, but we can be heroes. We’ve all got talents, strengths and weaknesses. But it’s really up to each one of us to learn and grow to make those aspects the best part of ourselves. Not just for us, but everyone you could ever affect. As a Catholic, I believe God gave all of us gifts that need to be shared.

Thursday night, I started to watch Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. I had heard much about it, and that I would like it, especially because the main character is Catholic. I had seen a previous retelling of Daredevil as a movie, so I wasn’t sure at first how the show would be like. Now that I’ve seen the whole first season, I have to say that this show is much better. Even with all the talk, the one thing that pushed me to start watching was that I noticed a friend of mine, Evan, on Facebook was tagged to a Catholic post that was being shared about the show. At the moment, I have been talking to him more after going to his band‘s show. This also inspired a bit of my last blog post too about taking chances.

Anyways, this show reminded me about how one person can make an impact in you’re own way with your talents. For example, Evan might not realize how much his presence, personality, kindness, and talents impacts the people he interacts with. From what I can tell his personality makes people happy. The only reason I know that is because he brings a bright smile to my face. I like to support my friends’ endeavors because I believe that’s what good friends do and because it makes them happy, which ends up making me happy. It’s a also special plus when the action inspires me in some way. I hadn’t been to the place that Evan’s band played in a long while because of a friendship I had to let go of. I’m glad I didn’t let my past stop me from going because his band is fantastic, and filled with potential. Even though going reminded me a bit of the past, it also reminded me that I can make new happy memories as long as I’m open to them. The way I’ve been feeling lately, I’m so inspired to write creatively. I keep waiting for the right story to come along, but really I just need to start.

The past shapes us, but it doesn’t define us. We make our story, with the help of God of course, and all of our stories are weaved together. We all have a chance to be happy, it’s our choices that affect that. Many things can make us happy, but at the end, it’s really up to us, as with everything with do with our lives. Obviously not every action we do will be a large wave, or even be noticeable, but being aware of it every day, being thankful for what we have, and trying our best can push us to do more. Some times we need just one person, that God brings in our lives, that inspires us to be brave. Everything else will fall into place.

“If we make the new world/Then we’ve got a story to tell/Will we stand together/Or just get torn apart/This is utopia/Let’s make a brand new start.”  
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