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30 Poems In 30 Days: The Love Game (Day 11)

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When it comes to the love game

It can’t be spelled out easily

There are no exact rules

I didn’t even know I was playing

Until others asked about my feelings

I never feared getting cooties

There was a boy that interested me

He was always fun and knew so much

Then I learned about unrequited love

At school, and everyday since then

I learned about jealousy when

I wasn’t the girl he gazed from afar

And never his Juliet in his play

I learned pain when I moved away

Every day I hoped to get a second chance

To prove I could be what he wanted

As a friend and so much more

Eventually I tried to moved on

To others who didn’t see me

After some time we talked

Everything seemed all right

Until I tried to play the game

With all my heart on the line

With more to lose but I rolled

The dice that made me lose again

Yet the game keeps playing all around

Leaving me on the sidelines

Wanting to win and have it all

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