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30 Poems in 30 Days: Remove Guilt of Not Writing (Day 15)

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Writers need productive rest

If you don’t, issues will show up

You’ve got to keep your health in check

Physical and mental health equally

It’s all about work balance

Something I’ve been working on

There’s always outside pressures

To produce from writing to promoting

The part-time work to get by

Don’t feel guilty about living your life

Don’t feel guilty that you have things

That you need to do so you can write

Everything you do to get the word out

The life worth living to inspire the writing

Enjoying your favorite entertainment

Taking a break when you need it

Even if that means a little bit of writing

Or taking a bit more time to release

It will be worth it for your writing

But most of all, for self-care

Sometimes pain comes anyway

No matter what your balance is

So take care of yourself no matter

What others guilt you in feeling

It’s not procrastinating or writer’s block

You need that time, even if you’re browsing

Eventually you’ll get back to the words

Especially when you have deadlines

Rest, enjoy life, get things done,

Writing will come when you focus

A little bit at a time, where it works

There’s a reason why you love writing

Remember that when you’re struggling

By Christy V.

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