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30 Poems in 30 Days 2023: Fighting Within The Blood (Day 3)

When something within the blood changes

It can be hard to see, even though a microscope

Even when you have similar symptoms

It can’t be confirmed until a cut in the skin

Blood can be drawn, but it’s just not enough

Several cut samples might be needed

Until they can make their conclusions

Eventually it might be already really late

If only they had taken the symptoms as a sign

One cannot go back in time, or know for sure

Everyone is trying their best to find the cure

For now you have to accept the treatment

That will effect the good just as much as the bad

Only hope that time will go by fast

All will be resolved for survivorship

Because no matter how much you see it

Cancer isn’t always a life sentence

Especially if you have a blood cancer,

Like lymphoma, such as the poet,

As long as you keep fighting forward

You’ll learn you’re stronger, body and mind,

And realize more than you can imagine

By Christy V.

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