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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Super Wild Rabbits (Day 23)

Photo by Christy V.

There was big freeze in Texas last year

It cut the power, broke plumbing, and killed

Our plants being destroyed was minor

In comparison, but still sadness all the same

Plants can grow back or be replaced

But not the time spent on them to grow

What worried me was our furry neighbors

The wild rabbits who lived in different areas

Including the backyard and the front

They could hide in their burrows

Digging within the ground for coverage

But would it be enough, they’ve survived

Flooding from several hurricanes

It had been awhile since they had been

Seen, if there was sighting, it was low

Eventually Spring came again,

There they were in the yard across the street,

In the back door looking around,

Wandering around the backyard,

It gave me hope, they survived beyond

What we could have imagined

While they are now super wild rabbits

We have to do our part to protect the planet

So we can all survive to live another day

By Christy V.

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