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30 Poems in 30 Days 2022: Mirror Universe (Day 26)

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Do you ever wonder what life would be

If everything you knew was opposite?

I ponder the mirror universe with story

I put my thoughts in poetical verse

Who would my opposite be?

Could I even tell if I saw her?

Is she more serious or am I?

Has she done more than I?

I can’t imagine a version with a life

Different than mine, not that I’m perfect

I just don’t want the other me to suffer

Or maybe they have it better than I do

Why would I want to wish to be there?

What decisions would I make

If my life had gone another way

Would I voice by thoughts

As a vocalist in a rock band

Would I be a reporter on TV

Would I be a famous influencer

Would I go the wrong path

A choose a rebel life

Wandering the world

With no care for anyone

Or would I be a scientist

Saving someone’s life

I don’t want to ponder any longer

As I am who I am

The writer, the nerd,

Who cares more than she should

Some might still see me as a villain

As she lets go what doesn’t fit

Others as a hero who supports

All I try to do is my best

Being just who I am

In this universe

We’re in

By Christy V.

*Inspired by the TV show, Superman & Lois, relating to the Mirror Universe

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